8- Don’t Forget Dessert (Extension Activities)

There are so many directions this unit can take you. Here are a dozen opportunities to enhance this curriculum to suit your students.

Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

  1. Cook for your students incorporating lessons from the unit. The Chili Mac from Lesson 2 would be simple to prepare in an electric skillet.
  2. Depending on the facilities you have available, allow your students to cook. This Chowhound video shares 3 ways to prepare eggs in a microwave and this Buzzfeed video has three breakfast mug microwave recipes.
  3. Examine how conserving energy resources in the kitchen can contribute to food savings.
  4. Challenge your students to eat food only prepared or packed from home for one week.
  5. Have students track their food spending for one week. 
  6. Assign a research project. This unit has brought up so many interesting topics from food waste to food insecurity.
  7. Show the documentary A Place At The Table which examines food insecurity in the United States. Take Part Media has excellent accompanying resources.
  8. Evaluate media bias and reliable resources in the SNAP benefit challenge.
  9. Plan a service learning project based on the topics in this unit. Teach a food waste lesson to elementary students, start composting in your school cafeteria, or host a drive to support your local food pantry.
  10. Have students create a meal plan for a variety of lifestyles. College dorm living? On the road? Vegetarian?
  11. Gift students a budget and have them “shop” for their first kitchen.
  12. Host a “Chopped” challenge in your classroom for students to clean out the pantry and fridge at the end of the year (If a culinary classroom)