6- Get Cooking


The learner will

  • Define a variety of common cooking terms
  • Identify sources to learn more about basic cooking

Photo by Neha Deshmukh on Unsplash


  • 14.3.3  Demonstrate ability to select, store, prepare, and serve nutritious, aesthetically pleasing food and food product.


  • Projection equipment
  • Vocabulary cards printed from Quizlet
  • Glossaries and highlighters for each student



  • Show video, Bring Back Home Ec
  • Discuss with students
    • What “Adulting” skills do you already have?
    • What “Adulting” skills do you need to improve on?
    • The video calls for more cooking classes and financial literacy classes. Have you taken those classes?
  • Today we will focus on basic cooking terms
    • How can cooking skills improve your life?


  • Distribute a set of vocabulary cards to each group of 4-5 students and have them match pairs.
  • Ask students to raise their hands when they have matched the whole set. To check, set aside pairs that do not match and ask them to re-match.
  • Collect all of the cards and play Vocabulary Popcorn
    • Deal one deck of cards out to the whole class.
    • One student reads one of their cards and turns it over.
    • The student with the matching card reads it and turns it over, then reads another card.
    • This continues until the class has worked through the whole deck.
    • Time the students to encourage them to improve their score.
  • Distribute a glossary for the students to keep as a guide.
  • Show an episode or portion of an episode of a cooking show. Students should highlight cooking terms they see listed. Pause frequently to discuss.
  • Play another round of vocabulary popcorn, encouraging students to best their original time.


As a class, students should improve their Popcorn Vocabulary time and accurately identify cooking terms demonstrated in the show. Students can be quizzed on their vocabulary understanding by using a generated quiz from Quizlet.


  • Bennett, S. (2016). Food for today. Columbus, OH: McGraw-Hill Education.